Testimonials and Emails ~~~



I cannot thank you enough for sharing what you shared with me in my reading!.  I think you're incredible and I hope to talk to you again.


Oct 2020


Hello Cindy,


Thank you so much for my reading by Zoom. You hit things right on the button and the thing is that what was coming through no one would know.  I really needed that and I will talk about this reading forever.  I am looking forward to making another appointment.  Thank you so much. You're kind hearted an bless you.


Thank you.

Oct 2020


Hi Cindy,


I wanted to reach out and thank you for my reading.  Thank you for connecting me with my loved ones in spirit,  it was amazing to hear from them,  With your help my mom and I were able to find the ring we had been looking for.  I am looking forward to my next reading.


Sept 2020



I cannot thank you enough for my reading.  I feel so blessed that you were able to connect with my family and share those very special messages from spirit.  My heart was very happy and I was full of emotions,  I cried on and off all day with joy after our session.  I look forward to another reading with you.

Thank you again,


Hello Cindy,


Thank you for your wonderful reading.  It was lovely to have the connections,  and you are so gentle in your delivery.  You are adorable,  and my Mom would have enjoyed you.  The hour passed so quickly!.  

Thank you,

E  7/14/2020

Hello Cindy,

I wanted to circle back to let you know how deeply meaningful my first reading with you has been.  Like you said,  some of the information might not make sense at first but later it will.  You had said I would get pregnant in the few months after my wedding and I did.  You had said your were getting a message that it would be a girl. When you asked for confirmation you were given a name "M-----) Asked if anyone in my family had that name?. That is my mother in law's name. Months pass and we find out we are pregnant and that we are in fact having a GIRL!. What is more interesting is that this baby girl is due on my mother in laws birthday!.

Something I could have never pieced together during the reading.  It has come to light in such a beautiful way.  I am sure your are used to getting positive feedback all the time,  but it was important for me to share that as it was and felt truly magical and increased my trust with your abilities,

Thank You~~~


May 2020


Thank you!! Thank you!! I had a mammogram 3 weeks ago and they found some calcium deposits in a grouping that needed a closer look,  so I went back for another Mammogram last Wednesday,  I also had an ultrasound and scheduled a biopsy with a nurse.  I had the biopsy last Friday and all was good!!,

You told me about 5 years ago that they were going to find something but it was going to be nothing!!  Last year you told me breast cancer was going to skip a generation and skip right over me since Mom, her mom and her paternal grandmother all had breast cancer.  I want to tell you what a difference your words made for my stress level!! I so appreciate you! I love you! Have a great day!


W  Santa Rosa Ca




I wanted to reach out and thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have been going over my reading in my mind all week and more truths continue to unfold. 

Your gift is incredible and I am so thankful that you share it with the world.  I cannot wait to see you again.  I also wanted to say that a fun thing happened, you mentioned my brother having dental work done.  I didn't think much of it as I hadn't heard about it from him.  Lo and behold that very day he had a dentist appointment and found out he needed a crown!.


The whole experience was surreal in that during it I didn't feel extraordinary or out of this world.

It felt like I was having a nice conversation with a lovely person and it almost felt de ja vu or something.  It was only afterwards that I began to realize how amazing it was that you could channel what you did!.

So spot on and inspiring.  So comforting.  Honestly,  I had been through years of counseling in the past on  issues and it seemed like in one 60 min reading with you I was able to heal on a soul level more completely than ever. I was able to shut doors where I needed to and open new ones to my bright future.  Thank you for that.


You helped strengthen my belief in spirit, my guides and angels.  You validate that my conversations with them are real and we have been communicating more strongly and clearly ever since.


I cannot express my gratitude enough,  but you are just the best.



A  CA  2019


Hi Cindy,


I wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the reading we had on Thursday. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted up off of me and a sense of ease and peacefulness came over me regarding the decision to move.  I know it will happen someday I just do not know when,  but I am at peace with that now.

I am so grateful to you for giving me clarity, and feel so relieved for the shift that happened. My anxiety level

is not running me down anymore and I haven't felt this good in so long.


Thank you so much Cindy.


Love & Light~~~


March 2019

Dear Cindy,


You already know this...nonetheless, I need to put it into words directly THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...a gazillion times for all your innate wisdom and skill through which you channeled precious people in my life from "the other side", bringing great relief and Peace to my heart and mind.


Also the wonderful way you re-framed my 10-year old child incident... has lifted and evaporated a giant cloud of guilt from my being.


I can't stop sharing with people who love me how wonderful my experience with you was! I hope some of my friends and family will treat themselves to the "gift" of meeting with you and receiving whatever messages of healing they need and are ready to have for their highest good.


I treasure my reading CD, Crystal and notes you gave me and refer back to the them.


It is truly the most loving, healing, quality, professional treatment session I've had, and I am so grateful.


Love and Peace ~~~~



Grass Valley, Ca 2017

I really enjoyed my first one on one session with Cindy. I had experienced a Group Reading which left me wanting more! I have actually had a chance to practice not letting others negative actions or reaction effect my happiness.


I've carried my crystal from my reading with me  everyday and night. I say my affirmations Cindy gave me and have loaded my Facebook with them!.


It was amazing hearing from the other side and I really enjoyed the profound guidance Cindy had for me.

It was an amazing experience all around. Mind blowing really. The fact that my vision and picture of life, death and heaven (other side connections are so accurate and speaking with Cindy validated that all for me).


I will schedule again with no expectations, looking forward to whatever comes through.


Thank you~~~~


MC 2016


I don't usually write testimonials but I feel very compelled to write one for Cindy, because she has had such a fundamental impact on my life. I reached to her at a time of a major cross-road in my life that was complex to decipher even for those that are familiar with my life.


Immediately, Cindy zeroed in on the concern and was able to give me the clarity and understanding I needed to make the right decision. Since the reading, many other events unfolded that have been exactly what was in-line with the things she explained to me, even if they were not completely understandable at the time.


Since that reading, I have had a follow-up session and again, Cindy was able to go to the core of what I really needed in my life at this time, but also to enrich and clarify my continuing path in life.


My sessions were on Skype as I live in Germany, so we have not yet met in person. This makes it all the more amazing as the ability she has to read and understand your energy has no boundaries.



Dusseldorf, Germany

Reading 2016





Every personal reading (by phone or in-person) I've experienced with Cindy, has been a wonderful "Intuitive Guidance" experience for me. Cindy's strong insightful abilities help in guiding current & future paths. Her words boost your confidence in making free will decisions.


Having a clearer picture of what may come into your life, is always a "light bulb" moment. As Cindy will say "wait to validate".

Her messages to me, have come to fruition and her lessons are invaluable.


Cindy also has the "rare" gift of communication with spirit & loved ones whom have passed. Through her "gift" I have received many illuminating messages. These communiques can be confusing, at first, but are eventually revealed! The words from "loved ones" are heartfelt & emotional. Cindy delivers these messages with tender care.

She's aware of their importance, to her clients.


I have many friends & family whom have had the privilage of experiencing readings with Cindy. All of them have come away with "renewed & enlightened" personal guidance. I've been with a few of my friends, during their readings and have seen such an positive impact from the guidance Cindy offered them. Her readings can help a "turning point" in someone's life.


Her precious "gift" has touched many as they go through their journey of life. She gives each & every client an individualized glimpse" into their lives & needs. 


It's a rare opportunity to have someone whom you can trust with your personal information. Cindy treats her clients with the utmost privacy & confidence. She shares her "gift" with people to enhance their lives and guide them in a positive direction!


Readings with Cindy are always amazing and immensly helpful.



Kings Beach, Ca


I have had individual as well as a Group Reading with Cindy. Both of which were totally different experiences yet both just as amazing. She is Legit. Cindy did my family & friends group reading and I had non- believers among us and by the end of the session, they were all amazed how correct she was and how much this changed their lives.

If you have never had a reading I strongly advise you to have one and not just with anyone... with her. 


It really is life changing, you leave there feeling lighter and relieved in a way. It's well worth the price, she won't disappoint... I promise you this.



Windsor, Ca



I love Cindy's Readings, before I can ask her any questions, she begins to see what  is going on in my personal life and work. I am amazed at how accurate she is.


I receive guidance about my personal life and work,  including things to come.

Everything she channeled for me 3 months ago has happened. I always get an accurate reading when I call Cindy.


I look forward to my next reading. Thank You Cindy, your the best.



Caldwell, Idaho




I have had In-person sessions as well as telephone sessions with Cindy Clifton, in addition

She cleared my home of a "stubborn energy".


I had a spirit in my house who would not leave, I always heard slamming cabinets, so I invited Cindy to come and "clear" my home, the noises stopped.


We discovered later the first owner of our home passed away years ago in the home.

Cindy explained she was not unhappy, just noisy.


I had a phone reading, and my Mother In law (living in another state) came through and she had just passed within 24 hours! Cindy said the family was in the kitchen and someone was drinking Dr Pepper, I phoned my sister in law after my session and she validated the information! (Wow!)


I feel her phone readings with me are just as accurate as her In-person readings. I always look forward to validating her messages. I love that she records Telephone readings and ships them.

She also hands me a recording of my session when I am in her office.



Cindy has always worked with Crystals during my sessions and offered them to me as a healing tool. Every time I wear them I feel calm, loved and clear.


I am a true believer in her and will continue to recommend her as a "highly gifted intuitive Medium"


Connie R.




Thank You Cindy!


Incredible, Insightful, Invaluable.






I have so much gratitude for the guidance I received from Cindy Clifton. I was starting my divorce proceedings but was in a quandary as to where to begin. Her guidance was clear and detailed.


My children and I were planning a trip in about a week and the timeline was not looking favorable to start the process.  I proceeded with her guidance, and the timeline was perfect!


We returned from our trip, and through an unexpected channel, I learned of an attorney who despite a very busy schedule agreed to give me an appointment in "3 days". All the way to her office I saw angel numbers on car license plates, 222, 444 & 777. Finally an ascended master number 333.

Once I arrived at her office there was one parking space left and waiting for me. After an hour of consultation, she unexpectedly agreed to structure a "marriage settlement agreement" in 3 hours. 

Timing was crucial as my husband was meeting me and the paralegal with a notary to sign final documents. Everything worked out perfectly. The agreement was signed by my husband and I.


Thank you  Cindy for facilitating me in the right direction. Had I not met with you when I did, I most likely would have procrastinated and would be faced with delays. You "knew" it would all come together in the 9 week ahead timeline. You are an instrument of God.



Novato, Ca


My Reading with you was in January 2014. A day to Remember!

I am so grateful to you. Helping my Mother cross over was beyond a beautiful experience for me. Healing in everyway.

I will never forget and always be in gratitude.


Love M.


July 2015


Cindy~ My reading with you was off the charts! First of all, 5 days before my birthday you said I would be in a relationship right after my Birthday, I thought ...this is not possible, as I wasn't doing any on-line dating, had no social engagements lined up, and not a single prospect in site.

How could this be?  Well 2 days later a guy from church asked me out and we were on our 3rd date by my Birthday! Further you said my youngest daughter would move far away. I said well she does go to school in So Cal. You said "no further away. Sure enough......she moved to Washington DC.


One of the things my Mother told me during my reading in spirit was to watch my periodontal disease that it would be passed down from her. At the time, I had no evidence of it. I do now!


I could go on and on. I just tried to re-book another session with you and low and behold the system took me right to the week before my Birthday. March is a long way off, but I'll do as the Universe says and look forward to seeing you then.


Can't wait!!!!




Group Reading 1/30/2016


I booked our group session and I prayed that two of my family members would finally be able to contact a loved one of theirs that passed at a very young age. Cindy was able to make that happen and it was the most healing experience for everyone. At last they have some peace in knowing that they will all be together again someday, and that their loved ones are still close by. Cindy was able to confirm and validate so many things that I do not have any doubt that she has a special gift. Cindy was so compassionate during the reading and we all cannot thank her enough.  I do believe there are angels on earth looking over us and guiding us, and I believe that Cindy is one of these angels. Be prepared for a glimpse into heaven. 


Angel Blessings,


Terrie  K

Sonoma County, California