My life journey is much like yours with joys, tears, happiness, struggles, and yes....even fears.


I was born with a "knowing" I remember receiving messages from guides, and loved ones in spirit as a child.


I am a Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife, Mother and here is my favorite title... Grandmother. (Nana)  I am also a Medium.


Several years ago I received a strong message from my guide Abraham and grandmother in spirit to pursue my intuitive gifts as a medium to their fullest potential. 


It was time to step forward and work with my truth and higher path.

It meant serving my spiritual purpose with my community.


It is an amazing loving experience,  I am so grateful to my family and clients for their support and love.


I describe myself as someone with an incredible vibration and sensory's, one that can extend and connect with guides and loved ones in spirit (afterlife).

I should say they connect to me and not the other way around.


I am clairvoyant (Sight), clairsentience (feeling), and clairaudience (hearing)


I am confident with my gifts.


I invite you to let my work speak for itself as a messenger and healer for you.


I look forward to being a vehicle for your messages, from guides and your loved ones in spirit.